Our Story

Who we are

The word ‘Eunoia’ (yoo-noy-uh) is of Greek origin, meaning ‘a pure and well-balanced mind which exhibits good-will and kindness’, or ‘beautiful thinking’. ‘Lane’ is symbolic for a ‘place’.

Together, the words ‘Eunoia Lane’ represent ‘a place of good-will’.

The Eunoia Lane feathers represent ‘freedom’ and ‘inspiration’ with an appreciation and acknowledgement for Australian Indigenous Culture and First Nations People through subtle dots incorporated into the feathers.

Our people and our visitors wholeheartedly appreciate the beauty of Mim Cole’s (Aboriginal Larrakia Artist) interpretation of the Eunoia Lane feathers (located in the waiting room of Eunoia Lane’s head office) which boasts a unique and inspirational story.

Where we come from

Eunoia Lane was established in March 2018 in response to a Territory wide service gap for Specialist Support Coordination, Support Coordination and Occupational Therapy, particularly in remote communities for participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Eunoia Lane have become an employer of choice and a leader in the disability sector for Support Coordination and Occupational Therapy.