Case Management

Eunoia Lane provides highly regarded Case Management services. We can also help in catastrophic or complex circumstances

Eunoia Lane Case Managers are qualified Allied Health or Nursing professionals with a minimum of 10 years’ experience. Our Case Managers have extensive local knowledge and experience living and working in various locations and communities across the Northern Territory. Case Management can assist you with the following:

History of significant trauma

When you need specialist care to help you meet your therapy goals

Significant change in circumstances

If you have an unexpected change in your life

After major injury or catastrophic event

When you acquire a disability from an event

Life stage

If you are leaving prison, discharging from hospital, or leaving care

Significant behaviours of concern

When you need support from a behaviour specialist


If you need help with more than one diagnosis

Multi-agency involvement

When you have lots of people involved in your care

Accommodation crisis

If you need help to overcome homelessness

mental health

When you need help with a complicated history of mental health

Justice system

When you need support to limit your involvement with the justice system

Eunoia Lane has built close partnerships with various local service providers and agencies which aids in achieving successful outcomes for you in a timely manner

Eunoia Lane have experience in providing a range of Case Management and care planning approaches to meet your individual needs. Our service takes a proactive, multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to service delivery with a high level of coordination with relevant stakeholders.

Case Managers strive to achieve well-established rapport and trusting relationships with you. We take care to ensure close and frequent communication with you. Eunoia Lane will develop your care plan / support plan based on your goals, strengths and needs.

As part of our service, we help to identify safe and appropriate environments for you to access. Eunoia Lane will ensure frequent liaison with relevant stakeholders.

Maximising independence through facilitation of life skills development and participation in meaningful activities

Eunoia Lane will ensure close communication with family / informal supports. We have a focus on advocacy for improved communication among service providers, continuity of care and access to care / services. We include excellent written documentation of goals, progress, barriers and outcomes.

Eunoia Lane Case Managers provide services to all areas across the Northern Territory.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are advised that this website may contain images of people who are now deceased.